About Us

We create and deliver engaging product experiences
that connect great companies to their customers.

Zagwear is a creatively driven, global product-based marketing agency to the world’s largest companies and most iconic brands, including Facebook, Mini and Land Rover.

Utilising our advanced technology, we drive cost savings, process efficiencies and risk minimisation to create safe, innovative and relevant premium products that inspire consumers and help make spending time with our client’s brands engaging, worthwhile and fun.

Founded in in the U.S. in 1995, Zagwear has quickly grown into one of the world’s leading fully integrated product-based marketing agencies. Having secured its first UK order in 2000, Zagwear had gained its first contracted client in the UK by 2015.

Now with two offices based in the UK based in Reading and Norwich, Zagwear’s growth is set to continue, with plans to open a further European office in Amsterdam in the next 12 months.

Our Services

How We Do It


Zagwear provides a wide range of technology solutions that empower our clients to maximize cost savings and drive procurement and process efficiencies across brands, business units and market borders.

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Our solutions are built on feature-rich platforms that offer robust reporting, complete client customization and seamless integration with all major procurement systems.


At Zagwear, innovation is at the core of all aspects of our business and the heart of everything we do. This enables us to deliver innovation not only through our products, but through our technology, analytics and overall business processes.

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We work collaboratively with our clients and supplier partners to keep pace with market changes and to anticipate future trends and developments providing ourselves and our clients competitive advantages.

Our product innovation team provides technical expertise and delivers creative concepting that engage consumers, transform brands and grow our client’s businesses.


Zagwear’s Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility program is founded on a culture of high integrity and a set of principles that ensure we meet our fundamental responsibilities to people and planet.

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Transparency into our supply chain and collaboration with industry associations such as ECOVADIS and the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) not only ensure we advance the social, economic and environmental conditions in the communities in which we live and do business in, but also set the stage for our long-term business success.

In addition, Zagwear develops and promotes a full range of sustainable and environmentally responsible merchandise that meets the FTC’s Green Guide, reducing waste and protecting natural resources for a more sustainable future.

Supply Chain

Our strategic approach to an ever evolving supply chain drives cost savings, reduces client risk and increases efficiencies and speed to market.

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We dynamically manage growing complexities in our upstream supply chain such as evolving global regulations, civil unrest, social and environmental concerns as well as increased trade tariffs.

As we work downstream, our global logistics and distribution services enable us to warehouse, fulfill and transport goods quickly, securely and with maximum cost-efficiencies world-wide.

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