In a world dominated by digital and tech, traditional product marketing has proven itself capable of cutting through modern marketing alternatives and making a real impact with its audience. A recent survey by the BPMA found 79% of respondents were more likely to do business with a company if they’d received a promotional product from them.

There’s a lot more that goes into product marketing behind the scenes than first meets the eye. At Zagwear, we strive to create high-quality products that meet your unique campaign objectives and guide our clients through a robust and straightforward process to ensure we achieve this.

In this blog post, we outline the steps taken at Zagwear to produce and deliver promotional product campaigns.

The initial consultation

As a first port of call, we like to begin client relationships at Zagwear with an initial consultation. This allows Zagwear to understand your business goals, and determine how we can help you reach them with promotional items.

The initial consultation is a vital aspect of the promotional product journey with Zagwear. It’s here that we obtain all the critical information, such as your marketing calendar, budget, brand guidelines, messaging, time frame, target market and so on.

Face-to-face meeting

Following the initial consultation, we prefer to introduce clients to the team that will be working on their campaign. Although this isn’t a requirement, it provides an opportunity to ask questions that may have arisen in the interim and get to know Zagwear as a company.

For any clients who’re unable to make a meeting in person, we offer the alternative of a call or video meeting, so we can build a strong client relationship.


Once we have a clear idea of your brand and what it aims to achieve with product marketing, we can get the ball rolling and begin to put ideas down on paper.

During this phase, our in-house creative team will put together a detailed presentation of our proposed strategy, which we call a ‘deck’. We will then deliver a proposal, using these ideas, of what we believe is the best course of action for your brand—from the product you market to the branding design and materials used in the manufacturing process.

At this stage, we will discuss the proposal with the customer in detail, using our industry experience to forecast the potential success of the campaign and advise the on how best to proceed.

Drawing up the official quote

Once the customer is 100% happy with the proposal, the Zagwear team will contact the appropriate manufacturing partner(s), obtain pricing for the job and write up a detailed quote for the campaign. This in-depth quote will be then be sent out to the customer for review.

Our quotes are completely transparent, so you know exactly what you’re paying for, and we never proceed without ensuring you are completely happy.

Placing the order

When the customer has confirmed they are happy to proceed with the campaign quoted, Zagwear will set up a corresponding sales order. The customer will receive notification of this, and the manufacturing partner is instructed to purchase the goods.

Artwork approval

Zagwear is committed to creating promotional products that meet—or even exceed— the expectations of the client, and we want our customers to be happy with the items we provide.

As such, we carry out an ‘artwork approval’ process, in which we outline how the product design will look. This ensures that the product is completely as the customer expects before sending for production, reducing the risk of potential hold ups and unfactored budget revisions further down the line.

Sign off

Once the client is happy with the design of their branded products, the campaign can be formally signed off and production can commence!

At this stage—and if the deadline permits—we offer clients the chance to receive a pre-production sample of their product(s). This gives you the chance to view the finished article before it is sent for mass production, helping to protect your budget and issues occurring further down the line.

Zagwear offers all clients with an order total of £10,000+ the option of a pre-production sample free of charge, providing the opportunity to iron out any design or product flaws and provide peace of mind before the order is mass-produced.

Mass production

Once the client gives us the green light, we’ll instruct the factory to begin mass-production of the product.

Quality checks

Zagwear prides itself on its dedication to its customers, and the team works hard to ensure that it only produces the best quality items for customers. However, like all mass produced items, with thousands—and potentially hundreds of thousands—of products manufactured, there is always potential for errors to occur.

To minimise the possibility of items that don’t meet our standards slipping through the net, our team carry out regular checks in the factory. For maximum precaution, we then carry out further checks of the promotional products internally.


Once the items have been manufactured, we will then organise their dispatch.

Whether you require bulk delivery or fulfillment jobs, Zagwear is able to coordinate this. From sending products to multiple addresses to issuing a number of promotional products in unison, our experienced team is on hand to ensure your promotional items are delivered safely and on time.


Once you’ve received your order and are completely satisfied with the goods provided, the Zagwear accounts team will then send you a detailed invoice for the service.

We offer our clients the flexibility to pay their invoice in advance, in installments or with 30 days terms (subject to the relevant credit checks), giving you the flexibility to pay in line with company cash flow. We accept client payments from all widely used credit and debit cards.

Zagwear understands that every client is different. To discuss the ways we can help you finance your next promotional product campaign, contact a member of our team.

Choose Zagwear

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes during the delivery of a promotional merchandise campaign, but Zagwear has the high-level expertise to make the process as smooth as possible while meeting your every specification.

You’re an expert in your industry, but to achieve success with promotional items, you need extensive product manufacture and marketing knowledge. For a reliable team who can be trusted to direct the planning of your promotional product campaign, choose Zagwear. With world-renowned clients such as BMW Group and Facebook, we’re a reliable name at the head of the product marketing sector.

For more information about planning a promotional product campaign, get in touch now. Alternatively, to see real-world examples of our work, take a look at our case studies.